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Stanley Hobby Paint Brush Set of 10
Stanley Tylon Tape Measure - 5m/16ftStanley Tylon Tape Measure - 5m/16ft
Stanley Tylon Tape Measure - 3m/10ftStanley Tylon Tape Measure - 3m/10ft
Stanley Try & Mitre Square 200mm
Stanley No.102 Block Plane
Stanley Metal Body Surform® Planer file
Stanley Metal Body Surform® Plane
Stanley FatMax® Pistol Grip Rachet 12 Bits
Stanley Dual Colour Quick Square 175mm
Stanley Adjustable Quick Square
Stanley Moulded Body Surform® Block Plane
Stanley Metal Body Surform® Flat File
Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Driver
Stanley 0-42-287 Line Level
Stanley 0-03-105 105 Hand DrillStanley 0-03-105 105 Hand Drill

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